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Throttle Fail

So I worked this weekend on running the existing throttle cable to the throttle box for the electric motor.  It has to make a turn from horizontal down the length of the car to vertical where the throttle box is mounted in the picture I have in the single-page “Build your electric car” manual.

So I figured the best way to do this is to put in a piece of sweep-90 pipe (90 degree turn in a quarter-circle) that would steer the cable up to the right place.

Then I looped off the cable using a wire clamp, and hooked it to a tiny turnbuckle so I could adjust it’s tension to the throttle box.

What a clusterfuck

What a clusterfuck

So here’s the problem.  I test fitted the throttle box, and what I found was that when I push the accellorator down, it pulls the throttle box lever down.  Yay!

However, when I take my foot off the gas pedal though… the spring loaded lever is not strong enough to pull the cable back up through all that friction in the sweep-90.

In practice, this is bad because the car never stops accelerating and the car drives into things younger and stronger than a 1968 Beetle, hurting the driver severely and requiring expensive replacement parts.

So… I gotta figure out a new way to do this.

To be honest, I’d really like the next step of this project to be the really obvious easy step.

Steps to complete:

  • Fix throttle problem
  • Mount other new electric parts
  • Get normal electrical system working
  • Upgrade suspension
  • Install batteries and wire up the stuff.
  • Drive to work, solve world energy problems, spit on Dick Cheney, make love to a rainbow

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