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I just have to remember that this is a very simple cheap car from 1968, and I need to stop overcomplicating everything.

It was April when I last said “Well, it should be pretty smooth sailing from here!”  … and then I got all baffled by the throttle and the 12V electrical system and mounting stuff.  What a waste of time.

Throttle sorted out

Instead of mounting the throttle in weird places and trying to figure out how to get it to retract better, I followed Skippy’s advice and put a spring on it to pull it back up.  Problem solved.  It will eventually be two springs, but it’s a really elegantly simple solution.

And… instead of trying to mess with turnbuckles and loops in the cable… I just bought a little piece specifically designed for throttle cables at Ace Hardware that has a screw lock… so you pull it tight and screw in the screw and you’re done.

And… instead of trying to weld or epoxy this little throttle piece to the box, I just used the screw to hold it in place.  Why did that take so long to figure out?

The throttle box with spring

Fully extended throttle with spring

12V Electrics working

I was concerned because I couldn’t get all the lights and accessories working with the 12V battery and was worried that it was all ratfucked.

But I switched out some fuses and half of it started working.  And the sad thing is that it took me over an hour to locate the fuses… because I’m overthinking it!  I was trying to pry something out from under the hood so I could access the fuses underneath it before I realized that the other side of what I was working on was under the dashboard and totally accessible there.

Then… I put the keys in the ignition and turned it on to get the other half of the “broken” electrics working.  DOH!  That should have been obvious.

So, it should be pretty smooth sailing from here

Seriously… I just need to mount the stuff and wire it together.  No more baffling confusion.  And if something does come up, I’m not going to overthink it.  Nothing about this is complicated unless you make it that way.  I must think with German efficiency and logic.

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