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I had a crisis of concept this winter when it was too cold to work on the car.  15x 8V batteries is just too dang heavy.  TOO heavy… by far.  Without radically redesigning the chassis of the bug, I could not pull it off.  I would quite literally be dragging ass.

So, I seriously considered getting rid of the 11 8V batteries I have and switching to 10 12V batteries.  But… doing that would mean a serious dump in the purse, wasting all that money that I spent on the batteries… plus, I’d have to build new racks because the 12V batteries are a slightly different size and shape.  It would be like starting over.

Sigh.  Confusion.  What to do.

I got it at about 3am recently.  I’m going to change from being a 120V car to a 96V car.  I should still be able to use the same controller and motor… the 11 batteries that I have, and the racks that are installed.  And, reading about the conversions other people have done… I should still be able to have a 60mph car.  Possibly a little more.  That will get me to work and back without anyone giving me the finger, no problem.

Phew.  I really need to finish this project.  Badly.  What’s next?  Oh yeah… wiring.  This is the easy part.

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