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Baby steps.  That’s all I’m shooting for.  During naptime, a free hour here and there… baby steps to make progress.

Three weeks ago, I decided to take the baby step of putting the 8V batteries into the car to get them into position and see how it affects the suspension.  So I grabbed a battery to put it in the rack.  Whoops, ok… wait… I’d better hook up the 12V accessory battery before I do this because it’ll be covered up once the 8V batteries are in there.

Ok, so hooking up the 12V accessory battery… and, ok… wait, I need to hook up the 12V charger to the battery  cables first.  I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  I had been thinking that I could just use the generator cables from the old gas engine, because that’s how the battery used to charge.  I track those cables back and they are hooked to what I now know is a voltage regulator.  What is a voltage regulator and what are these 6 wires attached to it?

So, my quick attempt to move a battery turned into 2 weeks of research and forum posts.  Turns out I don’t need a voltage regulator, so I can safely disconnect it.  I could try to reuse the cables, but they are old and rotted and I’m better off not doing it.

So today, I finally took some steps forward.

I disconnected the voltage regulator:

Voltage regulator, disconnected from generator wiring

Technically, I could have removed the red and black wires on the near side and just joined them together, but unless those voltage regulators are worth money to pull all the way out and sell, it’s fine just like that.

I tied up the other end of the generator wiring, just in case someone someday decides to put a gas engine back in.

Generator wiring, prepped for some unknown future

And, I hooked up the 12V charger and 12V accessory battery permanently.

12V battery permanently installed with charger attached

All 12V system electrics are working… except for the rear right taillight… which will either magically start working once I hook up the rear bonnet and license plate light… or it will be troubleshooting for a later date.

My lower back is hurting today, so I ended up not taking the next step of actually loading in the 8V batteries to the racks… that I set out to do 3 weeks ago, but this will happen soon.  Baby steps.

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