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So I got the 12th 8V battery Friday from Commerce City.  All the US Battery dealers in Colorado were sold out for a few weeks which was a big bummer.

I also bought a cheap capacitive charger from the e-volks.com site that supports a 96V system.  I didn’t get a really good charger because I’m back to thinking that this is a temporary solution, and that I’ll eventually put 3 more batteries in front to get it to 120V total.

So I installed the battery today, and I’ve been charging for the past 6 hours constantly checking the total voltage.  This seems counter-intuitive… but my 96V battery pack needs to measure 120V to be done (8V batteries actually charge up to 10V, kind like how your car’s 12V battery actually charges to 15V).  It’s taking a really long time to charge, so I think I was really on the low end of the spectrum with these batteries the last few times I drove the car.

Here’s my new optimistic plan…

1) Having a fully-charged 96V system will dramatically affect my speed, which previously maxed out at about 30 mph.  Reading the manual for my controller seems to confirm this… when the voltage level is very low, the speed is intentionally very bad to prevent damage to the batteries… so my speed improvement should be exponential instead of just proportional.

2) Having successfully speed tested it, I will get the car insured and registered this week.

3) Having a street-legal car… I will take it to a service place this weekend and get a tuneup:  Transmission fluid, brakes, greased axles, inspection.

Booya.  Drive to work Monday.  Well, not Monday because I take the kids in that day.  Wednesday?  Soon.  Soon my pet.

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